Deeply rooted in the Italian culture transplanted in Australia, the brand is born from an innate passion for Fashion and from the pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

The brand’s vision is centered upon the strong belief that aesthetic perfection is attainable through a combination of uncompromising textile and manufacturing excellence. A vocation for beauty and quality, achieved through a powerful bond between the Italian craftsmanship and textile tradition, to create the ultimate luxury style beyond trends, the epitome of sobriety and sophistication, for discerning women who make elegance a way of being.

True to its vision the brand draws exclusively on the most valuable resources of the Italian textile and tailoring heritage, focusing on the finest fabrics and the perfect fit, to create niche apparel 100% crafted in Italy, in accordance with the strictest quality standards, with a strong, constant attention to detail in all phases of manufacturing in order to deliver uncompromising, impeccable quality.