Inspired by spectacular views of the Australian sky and ocean, by dramatic hues of blue, by dazzling stretches of white sand, by a sense of freedom and a strong bond with nature that are the distinctive traits of a country glowing under the Southern Cross constellation, OUT OF THE BLUE captures the essence of the Australian soul through the eyes and sensitivity of an Italian-born designer who passionately advocates the purest Made in Italy as the most authentic expression of quality and excellence.

Romantic and graceful, OUT OF THE BLUE is the epitome of natural beauty, spontaneous, radiant and positive.

Pleats and plissé echoing the flow of the ocean waves are the fil rouge of the collection. Delicate and intense shades of blue are redolent of breathtaking Down Under scenery. Unique embroidery featuring the Southern Cross constellation, with its strong evocative, imaginative, and emotional power, acts as a bridge between the brand’s Australian and Italian identity.

Unique patterns of the finest cotton and cotton/linen blends supplied by the most renowned Italian textile manufacturers add an ultimate touch of freshness to a collection that speaks loudly of the brand’s mission centered upon supporting the Italian textile and manufacturing industry, while telling extraordinary stories about one of the world’s most enchanting and intriguing countries.