A magnificent theatre infused with an intense play of light and shadows, filled with vacant red-velvet seats, as if there were an anonymous, massive audience waiting for a much-anticipated show. A majestic marble staircase reaching to the stars, redolent of “Staircase to the Moon”, one of the world’s most fascinating optical phenomena observable in the North-Australian sky.

With one foot Down Under and the other foot in the Western part of the globe, the brand appears again on the international fashion stage presenting Midnight Beauty, a capsule collection of six pieces, curated in every single detail, crafted from the finest Italian midnight blue silk.

Soberly sophisticated, voluptuous and sensual silhouettes parade, like in a game of dissonances between the loudly press-covered fashion shows and a silent theatre stage, ultimately, to convey a universal message: Fashion is art; every collection is like a theatrical performance, whether it be a choir of voices or a solo. It is a way of carving out your own world and expressing a very personal Weltanschauung.

When the lights turn on, a Midnight Beauty appears out of the darkness, destined to shine.

Let the show begin!